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Over 100 people trying skateboarding for free

Community Events


On the 29th of October, F51 hosted Thrash & Learn event, aimed at introducing newcomers to the world of skateboarding. With a focus on inclusivity and beginner-friendly activities, the event sought to break down barriers for those eager to try skating but unsure of where to begin.

The initiative followed the resounding success of the BCMX event organised by British Cycling at F51. Recognising the need for a supportive environment, the Thrash & Learn event was free of charge, with the park exclusively reserved to provide a comfortable space for novice skaters.

Acknowledging the potential intimidation of skating alongside seasoned practitioners, the organisers structured the sessions to cater to different demographics. Segregated into groups for kids, teens, women, and mixed participants, the day was carefully designed to ensure inclusivity and foster a welcoming atmosphere for all.

Feedback from attendees echoed the event’s success, with 100% of survey respondents enjoyed the session and benefitted from the free coaching. In a world where accessibility to sports and recreational activities is paramount, events like Thrash & Learn stand as shining examples of how inclusivity can enrich and expand communities.

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