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Community is at the heart of The Sports Trust. We believe that everyone deserves to love where they live, work, study and play. 


Sport and exercise powerfully impact our sense of belonging and help to create more inclusive and connected neighbourhoods. From developing confidence and self-worth, providing jobs and purpose, to integrating different groups and tackling inequalities.


We work with local communities to break down barriers to participation in sports, and focus on improving resources and opportunities for under-represented groups. Everybody should be able to feel the benefits of living an active life, and by working collaboratively we identify the key factors to help people and places thrive.


By generating support, resources and trust we create programmes and projects that empower.


We have created over 24,500 experiences for young people to love and be active in 2022-2023.


Over 300 over 50 Folkestone residents have used our Active50 programme.


We opened our venues up to over 6,000 children from low-income families to access food and sport during school holidays in 2023. 


Get involved

Whether you’re into team sports, individual competitions, or fitness activities, we have something for everyone. 


Discover what’s happening and join in the action.

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Community rate for community folk

We have introduced the community rate to open up the event space at Folkestone51 to local businesses at affordable prices.


We build relationships within the community with people who share similar values and missions to us.


This supports our mission to transform our facilities into a safe, sustainable and inclusive space.

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