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PadelStars coming to Three Hills

Three Hills Sports Park


Padel tennis, the UK’s fastest growing sport, is coming to Folkestone.

Three Hills Sports Park has partnered with PadelStars, the operator of padel centres around the UK, to open Folkestone’s first ever padel courts.

Construction of three padel courts, all covered by a high-quality canopy, will begin shortly and are set to open in September.

The game of padel, which is a hybrid of tennis and squash, is played on an enclosed court slightly less than a third of the size of a tennis court. It is typically played as doubles.

While padel follows the rules and scoring of tennis, its unique elements set it apart. Players serve underarm, and the ball can be bounced off the walls. However, its appeal often stems from its simplicity, making it exceptionally accessible and easier to learn than other racket sports. Most players find they pick up the basics in the first 30 minutes and improve very quickly. The sport is gaining significant renown in the UK as being great exercise, very sociable and a lot of fun.

Chris Kent, Three Hills Sports Park, said: “As the UK’s fastest growing sports, we’re delighted to introduce padel tennis as a new activity at Three Hills Sports Park.

“Padel is easy to play, fun and sociable, and it’s currently enjoying a huge surge of interest on the back of celebrity endorsements and growing court availability. We believe it will be very well received and embraced within the local Folkestone community, many of whom are currently having to travel large distances to play.”

Andy Knee, CEO of PadelStars, said: “We’re thrilled to be working with Three Hills Sports Park to bring padel tennis to Folkestone. If you’ve not yet tried padel tennis you’re in for a treat – it’s so easy to learn, great exercise, a lot of fun. If you’ve already played then chances are you’re already hooked! Padel is increasingly being called the happiest sport and we know people in Folkestone are really going to take to it. We can’t wait to see them on court.”

PadelStars operates and is building padel sites elsewhere in the UK including Reading, St Albans, Southampton and Bracknell.

The new padel courts at Three Hills will be open daily, offering an exciting opportunity for individuals and families to enjoy the sport. For further information please visit www.padelstars.co.uk.

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